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non-proliferation architecture and was endorsed unanimously by Resol▓ution 2231.During Wednesday's meeting, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo presented the latest secretary-general's report on the implementation of Resoluti▓on 2231. The Council's facilitator for the im▓plementation of Resolution 2231, Belgian UN ambassad▓or Marc Pecsteen de Buytswerve reported on the work of the Council related to Resolution 2231.The meeting c▓entered on issues related to the implementation of Resolution 2231. For the majority of Counc▓il members who are supportive of the JCPOA, recen▓t announcements by Iran that it would resume uranium enrichment activities present one of the main conce

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    n, and the EU) to provide Iran with sanctions ▓relief on its oil and financial sectors, failing which it would resume uranium enrichment activ▓ities and construction of the Arak nuclear reac▓tor, which would constitute a direct violation of the JCPOA.This was Iran's response to the U.S. decision to end waivers granting eight countries permission to▓ procure Iran's oil exports, despite previously imposed U.S. sanctions.Please scan the QR C▓ode to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to f▓ollow us on WechatScholar shares in Geneva China's experiences in poverty reduc

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hich are inconsi stent with R esolution 2231. We strongly urge Iran to refrain fr▓om such activ ities, which deepen mistrust and inc rease regional tensions," sa id the state ment.Joao V▓a le de Almeida, head of the EU dele gation to th▓e UN earlier on the day reiterated EU's suppo rt for the JCPO A."At this par ticular challeng ing moment, it i s important to rem 津市市wap 巨鹿县5G 莱芜市wap 三都水族自治县5G 昆明市wap 北碚区wap 龙陵县5G 衡阳市wap 红桥区5G 宁远县wap 运城市5G 清镇市wap 江城哈尼族彝族自治县wap 托克托县5G 左权县5G 麻阳苗族自治县5G 通化市集安市5G 西藏wap 西昌市wap 灵石县wap 传奇私服手游破解版 热血传奇私服排行榜 传奇私服挂机脚本 传奇私服排行榜前3名 传奇私服客户端十周年下载完整版 传奇私服手机模拟器 手游传奇私服网站 梦想传奇私服网站 超变传奇私服发布网 今日新开微端传奇私服